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The Global Developer Corps (GDC) AI Workforce is a growing team of students working with industry experts to develop and build digital public goods, driving nation-building missions.


Launched by AICTE for one lakh students to gain the skills and practical experience required to lead the next wave of industry advancements.

Join the GDC AI Workforce
Ashesh Kumar

Ashesh Kumar

“The GDC AI Fellowship provided essential skills in cutting-edge technologies and invaluable industry mentorship, accelerating my tech career and securing a position at Microsoft.”

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Shailesh Aanand

Shailesh Aanand

“The 6-month internship not only boosted my skills but also allowed me to contribute to DPG projects, providing a fulfilling career start with Google.“

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In the Spotlight: Recognitions from Tech Leaders

Shout Out from Satya Nadella CEO and Chairman of Microsoft for Open Healthcare Network

Watch Satya Nadella's keynote at Microsoft AI Tour

Mentioning the Open Healthcare Network, an open-source work done by our students along with industry experts.

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OpenAI Features GDC Alumni's 10-Bed ICU Project

OpenAI's blog features the 10-Bed ICU project by our previous GDC batch students. Discover how their innovative design is transforming critical care and setting new standards in healthcare technology.

Read the story
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GitHub Showcases GDC Alumni's Impactful Healthcare Innovation

GitHub showcases the transformative work of GDC alumni in revolutionizing healthcare in India through the Open Healthcare Network's CARE platform, impacting millions of lives.

Watch video

contributing to
the Global Standard of Excellence.

GDC AI Workforce is a national programme for one lakh students to gain the skills and practical experience required to lead the next wave of industry advancements. You shall work on challenging problems that require innovative skills, imaginative solutions, and collaborative teamwork.

See what students from GDC have built since 2021.

GDC Batch 2021

Abhinandan Arya
Apurva Nagar
Amit Kumar
Arpan Abhishek
Divya Garg
Karan Sanjeev Nair
Khavin Shankar G
University icon
Peeyush Goyal
Pradipta Ghoshal
Samyuktha Ganeshkumar
Sandra Kakkarayil Jayakumar
Shailesh Aanand
Shri Hari L
Swapnil Jagtap

GDC Batch of 2021 students supported the government in setting up COVID war-rooms with oxygen management capabilities during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

GDC Batch of 2022 and 2023

Aakash Singh
Abhiuday Gupta
Aryan Patel
Ashesh Kumar
Gokulram A
Ishan Mishra
Mohammed Rabil K
Naman Gogia
Pragati Bhattad
Pranshu Aggarwal
University icon
Ritesh Aggarwal
Rithvik Nishad
Shivank Kacker
Siddharth Nikhil
Suryashankar Das
Suprabath Kondapally
Sai Sathvik Reddy Bontu
Yogesh Bhutkar
Devdeep Ghosh
Kshitij Verma

GDC Batch of 2022 and 2023 developed the TeleICU tooling for the 10BedICU project, addressing the shortage of healthcare professionals in district hospitals across rural and remote India. The project is now live in 9 states in India and continues to expand.

Admission is now open to the GDC Batch of 2024

Join this growing community and learn how to boost productivity like never before and make a big impact in the society by using next generational tools and applications.

Be Part of Transformational Missions

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Healthcare Grid with AI


Education Grid with AI


Water Grid with AI

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Sports Grid with AI

Upcoming International Missions

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Learn to Code with
Industry Standards

As part of GDC AI Workforce, you shall have access to :

National Curriculum by Industry

National Curriculum by Industry

To learn skills required to write software code with beginner to advanced courses approved by AICTE.

Learn from Your Seniors

Learn from Your Seniors

Clear doubts with seniors working in industry.

Weekly Production Release

Weekly Production Release

Get production release notes on live projects every Monday to learn what's improved in the software code from last week.

GDC Tuesdays

GDC Tuesdays

Join GDC fellows demonstrating the feature they are working on and get feedback on how to improve quality, every Tuesday at 7:30pm online.

What do I gain
by joining?

Quality education is not a race with one winner. By joining GDC AI Workforce, you can achieve a global standard of excellence in professional skills and experience at highly affordable fees.

For a simple
you will:

  • Gain access to a professional environment of India's top developers who designed and built population scale Digital Public Goods.
  • Enhance your skill with AICTE approved model curriculum in advanced web development.
  • Receive feedback from industry experts and elevate your skill.
  • Get internship opportunities for contributing to live projects, which are currently live in 9 states across India.
  • Feel satisfied from the impact created by your work on society.
  • Enriching learning experience for students from all educational backgrounds, and scholarship support for those lacking resources.
  • Be able to convert the knowledge and skills gained into “Academic Credits via ABC” towards your degree. Issued to your ABC Account by TransDisciplinary University.
  • Join a network of like-minded individuals for ongoing support and connections throughout your career in the industry.

Do I have options
to choose from?

Learning Track

If you are a student who has completed 10+2 in high school education and wants to upskill yourself as a software development engineer exploring the world of AI, you can join the learning track

₹399 /month

  • Industry-led training with AI tools.
  • Learn AICTE approved full stack model curriculum in web development.
  • Learn at your pace.
  • Fully online.
  • Continuous evaluation and code review by professionals.
  • Course completion certificates.
  • Academic credits for internship and courses completed. (subject to payment of university fee.)

Fellowships Track

If you are an undergraduate (UG) or Postgraduate (PG) student in a higher education institute in India with coding experience. You can take the Nation Assessment test and if qualified join the Fellowship Track.


(Fees for Fellowship Track are paid by Industry.)

Applicants must pass a screening test and interview after submitting their application to qualify for admission.

  • Industry-led training with AI tools.
  • Learn AICTE approved full stack model curriculum in web development.
  • 14 weeks of coding.
  • Fully online.
  • Continuous evaluation and code review by professionals.
  • 6 months remote internship (based on selection).
  • GDC National Fellowship Certificate.
  • Academic credits for internship and courses completed. (subject to payment of university fee.)
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Hi, I'm your admissions assistant.

Click Yes or No to the questions below to know which option suits your current skill level.

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Hi there, are you an undergraduate (UG) or Postgraduate (PG) student in a higher education institute in India?

Industry Internship Opportunities.

Real-World Impact with
Digital Public Goods.*

Upon successfully completing our Full Stack curriculum, top performing students from fellowship and learning tracks become eligible for exclusive internship opportunities to work on Digital Public Goods, allowing you to apply your skills to solve real-world problems and contribute to nation-building.

Digital Public Goods Logo

*Digital Public Goods - According to the United Nations, digital public goods are open-source software that adhere to privacy and other applicable laws and best practices, do no harm, and help attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). CARE software developed and maintained by GDC students has been identified as a DIgital Public Good by UN (United Nations).


We will be announcing a limited number of scholarships later this year, for students from Socially and Economically Disadvantaged (SEDG) background, with an intent to create an inclusive learning community.

Here are the eligibility criteria for scholarships:

  • Indian Nationality.
  • Regular student enrolled in an Undergraduate program or higher in an Indian institution/university.
  • The combined annual income of the student's family (including your parents, siblings and spouse if applicable),does not exceed ₹8,00,000/- per annum.

If you are interested and meet the aforementioned eligibility criteria, register for an email alert, and we will get back to you!

Please note that the scholarship batches will start tentatively in Jan 2025.

Register for an email alert.

Add Skill-based credits to your current degree.

At the end of the courses, you have the option to convert your learning into 12 academic credits that would be deposited into your ABC account through TransDisciplinary University for a fee of ₹999 + GST.

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Gain access to
fellowships &
full-time jobs.

Hear from students who have learned AI Skills while interning with eGovernance Foundation during college and now working full-time building solutions for healthcare delivery.

Testimonial video of GDC student Shivank kacker
Testimonial video of GDC student Rithvik

Get inducted to
our super-cool
alumni network.

Since 2016, 819 students have graduated from our courses/programmes to work at leading startups and corporations.

Logos of leading startups and corporations.Logos of leading startups and corporations.
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Opportunity for Universities and Institutes to enable their students to become a part of the AI workforce preparedness.

Learn More

The leadership
behind this effort.

In recognition of the significant societal impact of the GDC program, the AICTE, Government of India is expanding the Mission to create a workforce of 1,00,000 students.

Photograph of Prof. T. G. Sitharam

Prof. T. G. Sitharam

Chairman, AICTE

Photograph of Srikanth Nadhamuni

Srikanth Nadhamuni

Founding CTO, Aadhaar

Photograph of Pramod Varma

Pramod Varma

Chief Architect, Aadhaar & IndiaStack

Photograph of Sridhar Vembu

Sridhar Vembu

ZOHO Corporation Member,
National Security Advisory Group

Photograph of Sandeep Singhal

Sandeep Singhal

Venture Philanthropist Board Member,
ACT Grants

Photograph of Narayan Ramaswamy

Narayan Ramaswamy

SGM ADNOC and Director General,
Bharat Tech Foundation

Photograph of Dr. Leena Chandran Wadia

Dr. Leena Chandran Wadia

TransDisciplinary University Member,
Drafting Committee of National Educational Policy

Photograph of Sanjay Vijayakumar

Sanjay Vijayakumar

Co-founder, Pupilfirst

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